Abi Little
(MRICH, EETT, HM Saddle Fitter)

I am a horse trainer, riding instructor and HM Saddle fitter based in South Oxfordshire and travel frequently to clients in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. I have been working with unhandled horses, horses with behavioural problems and youngsters since 2002 and use calm and effective horse training techniques to help you and your horse get the most out of your training. I can teach you and your horse all aspects of groundwork, overcome behavioural problems, offer ridden lessons and I am also a qualified fitter of Heather Moffett's soft tree and flexible tree saddles.

Every horse is an individual, I strongly believe that horse training should be tailored to each individual horse and owner. Whether I am working with a remedial or traumatised horse or a youngster that is just starting their career, I take the time to read the horse and understand exactly what their individual needs are. I work with horse owners to assess how to move forward with training in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

When physical problems occur, treatment is often given by vets and bodywork practitioners. This alone is often not enough to keep the horse sound and pain free long term. If the horse is trained to use its body correctly and effectively it can build the muscle that is needed to protect any weaknesses and stay strong and supple.  I can show you and your horse how to achieve this using simple step by step groundwork techniques that can then be transferred to ridden work without the need for any restrictive gadgets which can often cause more issues further down the line. Often physiotherapists will give specific groundwork exercises to horse owners to help improve the horse alongside their treatment, I can also help you to put these into practise to ensure the exercises are correct and effective.

When training is done in partnership with the horse, each lesson can be understood more freely and easily. By removing confrontation and minimising stress and confusion, we can make it easy for your horse to get things right. This leads to a happy, willing and confident horse ready to progress in their chosen discipline.